Shuichi Narita

Art Director / Designer

An idea based creative constantly in search of originality.

Collaborating with inspiring businesses & start-ups to shape their brand identity and projects.


Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, I was fortunate to have attended international schools since the age of three. Graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in Graphic Design / Advertising in 2012. As a creative professional, I have work experience in New York, Chicago, Singapore and Tokyo.

This background has given me a multi-cultural understanding of 'idea creation', and yet keeping the exquisite simplicity of Japanese design aesthetics.

I’m an idea addict, constantly craving the rush that one gets by coming up with brilliant ideas. I believe that ideas can move people and change their conventional mind set.

I never give up. I believe in putting in effort and committing to things that I truly believe in and enjoy. 




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Some selected awards


Creative Circle Awards "Packaging" / Bronze / 2016

Creative Circle Awards "Web Design" / Bronze / 2016

Creative Circle Awards "Integrated" / Bronze / 2014

Creative Circle Awards "Direct Craft" / Bronze / 2014

ADC 92nd / Merit / 2013

GRAPHIS / Gold / 2012

GRAPHIS / Gold / 2012

ONE SHOW / Merit / 2012

YOUNG GUNS / Merit / 2012