Shuichi Narita

Art Director / Designer

An idea based creative constantly in search of originality.

Collaborating with inspiring brands, businesses & start-ups to shape their projects.


Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, I was fortunate to have attended international schools since the age of three. Graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in Graphic Design / Advertising in 2012. As a creative professional, I have work experience in New York, Chicago, Singapore and Tokyo.

This background has given me a multi-cultural understanding of 'idea creation'.

I’m an idea addict, constantly craving the rush that one gets by coming up with brilliant ideas. I believe that ideas can move people and change their conventional mind set.

I never give up. I believe in putting in effort and committing to things that I truly believe in and enjoy. 




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Some selected awards


Creative Circle Awards "Packaging" / Bronze / 2016

Creative Circle Awards "Web Design" / Bronze / 2016

Creative Circle Awards "Integrated" / Bronze / 2014

Creative Circle Awards "Direct Craft" / Bronze / 2014

ADC 92nd / Merit / 2013

GRAPHIS / Gold / 2012

GRAPHIS / Gold / 2012

ONE SHOW / Merit / 2012

YOUNG GUNS / Merit / 2012