My Home, My Starbucks - Campaign

"My Home, My Starbucks" is a campaign for Starbucks Japan to let people know that there are Starbucks products available for home use. We reached out to brand influencers and had them express their way of enjoying Starbucks at their homes.

Role:  Concept Development  /  Art Director  /  Designer


Campaign Key Visual
(consists key items from each individual influencers)


Frankie Cihi
(Artist / Influencer)

(Food Blogger / Influencer)

(Coffee Blogger / Influencer)

Yataro Matsuura

(Writer / Influencer)

Yuri Nomura

(Chef / Influencer)



We decided to create a well known household product, a mug cup that was specially made for our campaign My Home, My Starbucks.

About 50% of all roof tiles on Japanese houses are "瓦" (Kawara). Ceramic roofing tiles have been used on Japanese houses since ancient times, beginning around 1,400 years ago. Besides being a traditional roofing material, kawara have continuously evolved to possess new, fundamental characteristics, such as highly waterproof performance, unique design and outstanding durability.

For the first time in Japanese history, we created a mug made out of kawara.

We collaborated with Icci Kawara Products



In Japan, Valentine's day is known to be a special day for couples and lovers. 
But we believed that Valentine's Day can be a day to express love to everyone.

So this Valentine's Day we inspired everyone to share a little something special to someone they love.